Hope for Global Community


The Organization is a Non-profit body made up of a chairman, members of board and advisory members. The Chairman is the chief executive officer.


Javaid Mall :  Chairman/CEO.

Javaid Mall is an energetic personality and serving people since ten years. His mission is to serve helpless people to make them educated, healthy and spiritually good.   

Raheela Maria : Vice Chairwoman

Dynamic and versatile personality. She has extensive Health experience served since 10 years in state. She work and facilitated deserving community specially minority, senior citizens and children. Her journey for women empowerment is remarkable during the last 20 years. She supported the community in outreach for leadership programs.

Noor Alam Javed: Treasurer

 Noor Alam Javed is Treasurer of Hope for Global Community and one of the active member in the organization. He manages all the cash flow (In/Out) for different projects are started by the organization.           

Christopher Albert:  Secretary

Christopher Albert looks after all the projects which are running in US and other Countries (India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka ) and help the CEO for upcoming events, new projects of (Medical, Educational, Science & Technologies) and all official meetings.


Dr. Prerna Mall: Medical Adviser

Dr. Prerna Mall is engaged as adviser. Graduated at Medical School at the University of Barry/United State . Dr. Mall works in Lake Wales, FL and specializes in Pediatric Medicine. Dr. Mall is affiliated with Winter Haven Hospital,  turned to internal medicine and specialized both as a surgeon and a general practitioner. Working in her own medical practice for 3 years as a general practitioner including doing “small surgery” and pediatrics.