International Conference on HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE-BUILDING

International Conference on HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE-BUILDING

International Conference on HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE-BUILDING
July 22-24, 2019 | Albany, New York 

Lunch and Welcome.

13:30-17:00 Sharing of Research-Practitioner projects related to the linkages between human rights and peace-building 1. Presentation: of the Legal research project [approx. 45 mins including questions]

  1. Scoping and sharing: input from the experts on research projects and policy development efforts related to human rights and peace-building they are engaged in [20-25 mins each].
  2. Considering connections and cross-fertilisation: identifying and discussing complementarities that may be sought between the different initiatives [approx. 30-45 mins].

Day -2
The linkages between Human Rights and Peace-Building 
Sheraz khan, Researcher , LR : Embracing concurrent realities: Revisiting the Relationship between human rights and conflict resolution.
Dr. Parana: Peace Processes and Human Rights: A Ten-five Year Circular History 

12:00-13:00 Lunch  

13:00-16:00 Human Rights policy, programming and practice in conflict affected countries – and its impact on processes of peace-building and state-building .
16:00 Close of the Conference

Discussing possible establishment of a Global Platform on Human Rights and PeaceBuilding
Assessing interest and scope: how interested are those present to develop a ‘platform’ on human rights and peacebuilding, what would those present wish to gain from and contribute to it, what ideas and opportunities for collaboration and interaction exist?

  1. Considering purpose and outcomes: what could/should be the purpose and possible outputs of such a platform?
  2. Considering who and how: who would be part of such a platform, how would it function/operate?

12:00-13:00 Lunch and Goodbye

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