Hope for Global Community


To build and expand social accountability and develop ethical public conduct based on moral leadership and social responsibility

To promote and encourage education human rights in the less advantaged community

To work for the eradication of injustices by promoting measures for the provision of justice to minority, irrespective of gender, color, creed, ethnicity, race and nationality.

Strengthen Human Rights by empowering individuals, Enhance knowledge of communities and create opportunities through advocacy, education, collaboration and litigation.

To facilitate and organize training courses for enhancing the private partnership

To sponsor social protection programs, projects, aid and to take steps and other necessary measures directly or indirectly to provide assistance to the disadvantage groups in recognition of basic Human Rights.

To provide social support. guidance counseling, and legal aid to women reportedly or allegedly involved in criminal cases either in police/ judicial custody or facing problems of domestic violence.

To provide humanitarian assistance for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction during and post emergencies in recognition of human rights of the affected population.

To facilitate and develop an environment for economic rights of the neglected or needy communities particularly focusing women.

To conduct research studies for legal improvements and wider dissemination regarding Human Rights situation.