Partnership HOPE and LR for support education projects

Partnership HOPE and LR for support education projects

In Pakistan, school education is suffering due to many reasons. Teachers’ education, curriculum and basic facilities are the pillars of quality education, and in Pakistan all these are criticized on many forums. On the other hand, government of Pakistan is trying to overcome these problems to ensure quality. In this determination, Hope for Global Community with partnership with Legal Researchers is taking initiatives and utilizing international resources. The aim, to strategies for ensure quality education and steps taken by the HOPE for Global Community for supporting quality education to the low cost community of Pakistan.  

The following strategies:

a)      Strengthening of Teacher Training

The HOPE with support of LR will substantial initiatives for teacher’s  education  and  professional development.

b)      Technical and Vocational Education

Realizing the role of skilled and technically educated manpower for the economy. Qualification of  teachers,  curriculum,  educational materials,  teaching  methodologies,  equipment  and  physical facilities.

c)      Textbooks

Curriculum development and book development shall be coordinated.  HOPE will Incentives will provide to teachers for  producing new and attractive learning materials,  making use of audio, video and print media.

d)      Teachers

A separate unit for organizing teacher training willl be set up by each Project education centre. Mobile trainings units may be set up for on-the-job training of teachers.

Teacher  training  institutions  will  be  equipped  and  strengthened,  and  their  faculty  will  be  provided training to update their knowledge and skill. A regular in-service training programme will be launched for teachers at all levels.